Club membership: £20.00 per year   (for riding or non-riding members)

Redbridge Cycling Centre Membership: £40 per year includes unlimited use of circuit (depending on track availability).  * see note below. This needs to be payed directly to the centre and not the club.

Riding members must be covered by suitable third party insurance. This can be obtained by taking up membership of the Cycling UK (Cycling UK)  (formerly CTC)  British Cycling (BC) or the league of Veteran Racing Cyclists (LVRC) OR by a payment of £24.00 through the club’s affiliation to the (Cycling UK)

You will need to contact yourself.

(Cycling UK) membership enquiries: 0844 736 8451 or 01483 238301

Please enter 8001793 in the space “affiliated club code” on the application form.

Club membership



Redbridge Cycling Centre


Payed direct to the centre.

Club affiliated membership of Cycling UK



Only necessary if not already a member of BC, Cycling UK or LVRC.

Membership Form

When completed, please forward (with a Cheque made payable to “Redbridge Cycling Club”) cash or bank transfer, then contact me on….

Club Membership Secretary:
Frank Smartt
C/O Redbridge Cycling Centre,
Forest Road,

For further details contact:

  1. use of the circuit is only possible with this membership or by paying the casual usage fee (currently £4.30 per two hours)