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  • How can I join a ride?
    We are a very welcoming bunch and always welcome new members. Before joining one of our regular rides, we ask all prospective members to come along to one of our monthly Introductory rides. You can sign up for these by emailing us HERE This is to give you the opportunity to get to know us and get a feel for the sort of pace and distance that we do on our rides.
  • What sort of rides do you offer?
    We offer a variety of rides, most of them run on weekly basis. Our most popular rides happen on the weekend. On Saturday we have two training rides (50 miles @ 15-17mph average & 40 miles @ 17-18 mph average) and occasional social rides around 30 miles to a local cafe. Sundays are all about socialising and we offer three social rides to a different café every week. These are the bronze ride (40 – 50 miles @ 12-13mph non drop), the silver ride (50-65 miles @ 14-16 mph) and the gold ride (55-70 miles @ 15-18mph). Usually winter rides tend to be shorter as they have a later start time. You can also find us on the Redbridge Cycling Centre track on Wednesday evenings where we do our race practise. During the dark winter months we also offer a monthly mid-week night ride (25 miles @ 14-15mph).
  • Will I get dropped?
    No one likes to get dropped during a ride. We suggest you try our introductory ride which is a non-drop ride to test your own ability. You are likely to surprise yourself! Our most leisurely ride is the Sunday bronze ride which has a non-drop policy and a sweeper with the route on hand who will support you. But even if you find yourself struggling on one of the other rides, we support each other to make sure you get through it!
  • What is the benefit of joining the club?
    There are multiple benefits of joining us. We are a diverse and inclusive cycling club with all ability levels. From novices to former professional cyclists including a Tour de France rider and Tour de Ireland yellow jersey wearer, we have a vast amount of knowledge and abilities and are a very social group. If you are after socialising, we organise weekly social rides to cafes in Essex and adjoining counties. We also offer fun events such as our annual speed judging competition and Fun Day including a barbecue at the Redbridge Cycling Centre. We also run monthly social nights at Redbridge Cycling Centre, a yearly dinner and dance and special rides, often train-assisted, to places further afield. If you are looking to push yourself on the bike, we offer a program of Time Trials and a yearly hill-climb competition. Club members can also get access to an annual pass to use the full facilities of the Redbridge Cycling Circuit at Hog Hill and get discounts at selected cycling shops. If you love cycling in any shape or form, you will love us!
  • How do you support women riders?
    We have many female riders in our club at all levels and have a women's representative who sits in our club committee. Many have been true role models; this includes Alison Wood who competed in the UCI World Cycling Tour Time Trial World Championships (now UCI Grand Fondo World Championships), Nadjie Butler who was voted one of Cycling UK’s 100 Women in Cycling in 2018 and Jeanette Adams who was voted one of Cycling UK’s 100 Women in Cycling in 2019. For more information, do not hesitate to get in touch.
  • How do I join the club?
    We ask you to complete up to three club rides before you apply. You can apply by filling in the membership form HERE. Our annual fee is £25. In order to ride with us you will also need to obtain third party insurance which can be purchased via the club affiliation to Cycling UK or by membership to British Cycling (more specific information on request or on the sign up form).
  • What are the Club Rules? Is there a Code of Conduct?
    You can find the Club Rules if you have trouble sleeping here :) If you think you might be tempted to be naughty, you better think twice and comply with our Code of Conduct!
  • Is there a Club Welfare Officer?
    Absolutely! We have a certified (by British Cycling) Welfare Officer who is available in case anything needs to be discussed in confidence. Rest assured we're here to support our club members through any challenges.
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