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Redbridge Cycling Club Code of Conduct


When taking part in a Club related activity, whether this activity involves cycling or not, all members must remember that their conduct reflects directly on the Club, and consequently it should be of the highest order.

When cycling on the road, all members must adhere strictly to the ‘rules of the road’ and must not
put themselves, or fellow cyclists, in danger. 


Safety is of the utmost importance, and members must not only look out for themselves, but also
for fellow cyclists. This includes pointing out obstructions on the road and remaining as a group to assist a member with any mechanical or other issues that may arise. The group should only move off when the issue has been resolved.

On club social rides;

  • if you find yourself dropping back, the group will wait at the next junction or the top of the


  • no rider will be left behind,

  • you should inform the ride leader if you intend to leave the group,

  • as a rider you have a responsibility to choose the correct group that matches your fitness


We are all ambassadors for the Club, and should promote the benefits of being part of the Club
whenever we can.

Wearing the Club top when participating in a Club activity is encouraged. (Club clothing can be
purchased through the Club Clothing Secretary.)

Wearing an approved safety helmet when cycling is strongly advised and should be worn on any
club-sanctioned ride and time trial.

Each member is responsible for maintaining their bicycle in a good and safe condition, and particularly during the winter months or when the weather demands. We recommend the fitting of
as a courtesy to other Club members.

All members should be treated with respect

If you feel you are being treated unfairly, please inform one of the committee members. Social media platforms, including Strava, should not be used for airing personal grievances.

We should avoid getting involved in road rage situations despite provocation.

Enjoyment of our chosen pastime and sport is the most important aspect of all cycling activities so let’s just enjoy it.

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