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Report from Racing Secretary, Chris Eschle, 19th August, 2014

Racing Update:

Introduction to North Weald Races:

The format races at North Weald vary on a weekly basis, depending on the size of the field. If the field is small enough there will be just one bunch start. If there is a large field, the starts will be split into different categories (these are decided on the day). The course is fairly wide, so generally there is plenty of room to move around to get position. The surface is a little rough though, and there are some areas where care needs to be taken.

North Weald Handicap Series, Event 13, 5th August 2014

Alison Wood and Graham Rudd both entered. For Graham it was a return to racing after some time out with a chest infection. Although he was still not back to 100% he was missing the racing buzz. He raced well for 30 minutes, but then got a slow puncture on the rear causing the back wheel to slide all over the place. So he was forced to retire. Alison had another solid race at North Weald, even with a tough wind on the course improved on her performance from last week, keep it up.

North Weald Handicap Series, Event 14, 12th August 2014

With the weather making the last race of the season at Crystal Palace uncertain, I thought I’d go to North Weald instead. About 1 hour before the race, the clouds opened up, and flooded the road I was driving on to get there. Luckily the sun came out in time for the race, and dried most of the circuit. There was a fairly small field, so we all started as one. Right from the start, people were attacking to try and form a break. Overall the pace was ok, but with the attacks I was struggling to get in a good position. That and the fact there was debris washed onto the corners by the recent shower, I got dropped starting the third lap.

Crystal Palace Crits No14, 5th August 2014

I entered this race, not knowing exactly what to expect. Having seem some friends rides on Strava, and heard some good things about the circuit I thought I’d give it a go. My intention was to get there early, and check the trak out, but that didn’t exactly go to plan. I got signed on, and collected my number, set my bike up then headed over to the track. They run a junior event first, so there is no warm up time on the circuit, you could perhaps fit in 1 lap, but then run the risk of not getting a great position for the start. Still lesson learnt for next week. The Format is the Elite, 1st  and 2nd  get set off first, followed by the 3rd  and 4th Cats, then the Women. So 3 races at once on a tight circuit.

My race:

Started ok, trying to sit back and get myself up to speed. Some of the corners are very tight, and you need to stick to your lines. I hit the hill on the first lap, and realised my legs were a little tight and lost a few seconds on the peloton, along with a few other riders. Went over the top, and kicked to get back on terms with the group by the first corner. Second time around and the hill again caused me problems. It is only short ‘hill’ at a maximum of around 6%, which usually wouldn’t slow me down, but last night it wasn’t to be. I decided to sit back and ride with a few of the drop riders to learn the course for next week, I carried on for a further 7 laps but decided to retire so as not to impede the other races going.

First Club 10 on 24th March 2013. E11/10 Blackmore. Cancelled due to adverse weather conditions. For more details contact Trevor Benson.

Club 10, 7th April 2013. E91/10 Leaden Roding. Contact Tom Moore. Click on ‘Time Trial Results’ for the result.

Next club time trial:  25 miles course  21st April 2013 Course E91/25 start 8.30 am. Organiser stewart Fung.

Chris Hutchinson rode Trike Association 25 on 7th April  from Diss to Thetford and back in 1:15:33 – 2nd place but 4 minutes adrift.  Well done Chris – Making two wheels do a 1.15 for a 25 is hard enough with the weather we’ve had – but three wheels!