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Report from Race Secretary, Chris Eschle, 8th October 2014

Wednesday 24th September 2014 Cycling Legacy Supporters League Twilight Crits #4

My last race of the season, my aim was to stay on until near the end and see if I can get into a good position for the finish. Unfortunately, I was not on great form. I was lazy out of the corners, and dragging myself back the few meters I lost. Then a break went off the front, it was about 7 riders, and they looked strong. About half way through, I started to get into a rhythm, and was tucked in the bunch quite nicely. Shortly after though, there was a crash, and I was caught behind. I had lost 20 seconds on the peloton. I worked to claw back some seconds, but realised, I wouldn’t have much left for the finish. As the break having stayed away, it would only be the first 3 of the peloton that got placed. With this in mind, I decided to retire after 45 minutes, I had had a good workout. Now it was time to take away what I had learnt from this season, and plan my training to get me ready for next.

Thursday 25th September 2014 Womens Twilight Series #2

Alison’s first British Cycling race and was also her first outing on her new groupset. Her first lap went well, and held on to the peloton. Unfortunately there was an attack at the beginning of the second lap, and she couldn’t hold on with the change of pace. She carried on, clocking some very good solo lap times. One other got dropped and Alison caught her, and went straight past. Alison carried on until the end, even lapping the rider she had passed earlier in the race. Well done Alison, I am looking forward to seeing some great racing from you next season.


With the race season now having come to a close, it is time to make a plan for next season. I am looking forward to a few weeks off the bike, once tried to defend my Hill Climb Cup this Sunday. There looks to be some tough competition in the club this year, so am going to have my work cut out to retain my title.

We are looking at some exciting developments on the racing scene next season for Redbridge Cycling Club, I will keep you posted over the winter.


Report from Race Secretary, Chris Eschle, 16th September, 2014

With the summer season coming to an end, I decided to do two races back to back to get as much experience as possible.

Wednesday 10th September 2014 Cycling Legacy Supporters League Twilight Crits #2

With my first attempt on the course ending due to a mechanical I wanted to give this course another go. Things started well, and was happily sitting at the back for the first half of the race. I did slip off the back a few times due to positioning, but found it easy enough to get back. 30 minutes in I decided I needed to move up, and managed to get to around halfway up the bunch only to get pushed back with a lapped rider dropping through the middle of the peloton, I then sat back and planned to make my move with 5 laps to go. Unfortunately the circuit was too tight, and couldn’t find a way through. I finished the race in the main bunch, managing to surf through to gain a few places, but still well down the field.

Thursday 11th September  SERRL Evening Series event 11 E/1/2/3/4/W/J (Last in the series)

Not having much rest or much sleep since the race the night before, I wasn’t sure if it was worth me giving this a go, but I’d paid my money so here I was. The race started at a reasonable pace, and was happy sitting towards the back talking to a friend. I practiced the corner that had caught me out the week before, and felt much more confident . Then we were caught by the elites, 1s and 2s, the paced upped as we hung on to the back of them. I just tucked in and held on as best I could. Fortunately I was separate races, and we were told to have a neutralised lap to let their group get away. We then got on with the race, back at a comfortable pace. I held on, but at the end my legs were heavy, and I only managed 28th place out of 33 finishers.

Upcoming races:

Wednesday 24th September 2014 Cycling Legacy Supporters League Twilight Crits #4

Thursday 25th September 2014 Womens Twilight Series #2

Thursday 2nd October 2014 Womens Twilight Series #3

Saturday 4th October 2014 Lea Valley Cycle Ability / Legacy Supporters League Festival

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If you want any information about the races either message me on here, or email me



First Club 10 on 24th March 2013. E11/10 Blackmore. Cancelled due to adverse weather conditions. For more details contact Trevor Benson.

Club 10, 7th April 2013. E91/10 Leaden Roding. Contact Tom Moore. Click on ‘Time Trial Results’ for the result.

Next club time trial:  25 miles course  21st April 2013 Course E91/25 start 8.30 am. Organiser stewart Fung.

Chris Hutchinson rode Trike Association 25 on 7th April  from Diss to Thetford and back in 1:15:33 – 2nd place but 4 minutes adrift.  Well done Chris – Making two wheels do a 1.15 for a 25 is hard enough with the weather we’ve had – but three wheels!