Club Nights

Dates for club evenings at Redbridge Cycling Centre and North Weald Village Hall.

Club Meetings at REDBRIDGE CYCLING CENTRE 2015 (Forest Road, Hainault, IG6 3HP Start 7.45 pm.

Monday 12th January
Monday 26th January
Monday 9th February
Monday 23rd February
Monday 9th March
Monday 23rd March
Monday 13th April
Monday 27th April
Monday 11th May
Monday 25th May – Spring Holiday – no club night
Monday 8th June
Monday 22nd June
Monday 13th July
Monday 27th July
Monday 10th August
Monday 24th August
Monday 14th September
Monday 28th September
Monday 12th October
Monday 26th October
Monday 9th November
Monday 23rd November
Monday 14th December – ? AGM
Monday 28th December – Bank Holiday – no club night

Dates for social evenings at North Weald Village hall. 2015 8.30 pm onwards.

Tuesday 6th January
Tuesday 20th January
Tuesday 3rd February
Tuesday 17th February
Tuesday 3rd March
Tuesday 17th March
Tuesday 7th April
Tuesday 21st April
Tuesday 5th May
Tuesday 19th May
Tuesday 2nd June
Tuesday 16th June
Tuesday 7th July
Tuesday 21st July
Tuesday 4th August
Tuesday 18th August
Tuesday 1st September
Tuesday 22ndSeptember
Tuesday 6th October
Tuesday 20th October
Tuesday 3ed November
Tuesday 17th November
Tuesday 8th December
Tuesday 22nd December (Christmas Social)

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  1. Hi,
    CLUB NIGHTS – Should club night booked for Monday (Spring Bank Holiday) 28 May 2013 read Tuesday 28 May 2013. If it does, then the same may apply to the Summer Bank Holiday, i.e. Monday 27 August 2013 should read Tuesday 27 August 2013.

    Kind regards,

  2. Good to have the website and hope it is kept up to date to save
    disturbing members by telephoning for information.